What is Changi Rewards Travel?
Changi Rewards Travel is a programme that offers peace of mind with travel assurance, and turns your wait time into a productive or relaxing time with travel privileges, all while making your journey through Changi Airport more convenient for you.
What is the difference between Changi Rewards and Changi Rewards Travel?
Changi Rewards allows you to enjoy exclusive savings and reward beyond tax-free shopping when you visit Changi Airport, while Changi Rewards Travel allows you to enjoy travel privileges when travelling through Changi Airport.
Who can join Changi Rewards Travel?
You can join the programme if you are:
  • At least 16 years old on the date you sign up for membership
  • Residing outside of Singapore, with a valid residential address in the country of residence.
How do I sign up for Changi Rewards Travel?
Simply sign up here.
Can I sign up for two accounts under my name?
No, you can only sign up for one account. Each email address and mobile number can only be registered once.
What should I do if I have any changes to my personal particulars?
If there are changes to your details, please immediately edit your profile here or on the iChangi app.

Passport names have to be updated at all times. If there are changes to your passport name, please contact us immediately to make the changes.
How is my privacy protected?
Learn more about our privacy policy here.
If I have joined for free, how do I activate my membership?
Your account is activated upon successful sign-up. You will begin at the Classic tier.
How do I renew my membership?
At the end of the membership year, for all membership tiers, your account will automatically be advanced, downgraded or renewed based on the eligibility criteria for the respective tiers. Find out the requirements for each tier and how to advance through the tiers here.

You could also subscribe here for convenient and instant access to Premium or Elite tiers.
Why does my transfer flights count reset to 0 after I qualify for Premium tier?
Once a new membership year starts, all cumulative transfer flights count will be reset to 0 and you can start registering transfer flights within the new membership year.
What is the difference between subscribing to Changi Rewards Travel and joining for free?
Subscribing for a membership offers you convenient and instant access to the Premium or Elite tier. 
When you join for free, you begin at the Classic tier. You will enjoy travel privileges as you ascend the tiers by adding flights that transfer through Changi. 
How do I activate my subscription?
Your account is activated upon successful payment of subscription fee via changirewardstravel.com.
How long is my subscription valid for?
Your membership will be active and valid for 12 months upon successful account activation, unless otherwise stated.
Why do I have to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) on my subscription?
Under GST rules in Singapore, services that are rendered at the airport (including the transit area), will be subjected to 7% GST at the prevailing rate.
Can I use my Changi Rewards points to pay for a Changi Rewards Travel subscription?
No, this is not possible at this juncture. You will have the option of either making payment online through the following modes:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Alipay
What if my payment is not successful?
If payment is not accepted during the payment process, your registration will not be submitted. You can retry payment later or use a different payment mode.
Can I ask for a refund on my subscription after I have purchased it?
All subscription fees are non-refundable upon confirmation of payment, including the termination of the membership at any point in the membership year.
How do I renew my subscription?
You may renew your membership by subscribing to a Changi Rewards Travel membership for the subsequent year. Renewal can be done at any point in your current membership year. The new membership year will start upon successful activation. Your unused privileges will still available for redemption until their expiration date. If you do not renew your subscription by the end of your membership year, you will automatically be converted to a Classic tier member.
What are the subscription fees for the respective tiers?
The annual subscription fees are S$139 for Premium tier and S$399 for Elite tier, including GST.
Can I add my flights that transfer through Changi and advance my tiers while I’m on the subscription?
No, you may not. You may only choose one way of unlocking your Premium and Elite tier privileges - which is either via subscription, or by joining for free at Classic, and adding flights that transfer through Changi to ascend the tiers. 
What is the definition of a flight that transfers through Changi?
It is defined as a transfer or transit itinerary via Changi Airport, where the connecting time between the arrival and departure flights is less than 24 hours.
When is a flight considered valid for qualification?
You can only add flights to qualify if you have not subscribed for a membership. An eligible flight will be qualified after your onward flight departs from Changi Airport.

If you signed up as a member during a transit through Changi Airport, your arrival and departure flights for that transit are valid for qualification, after confirmation of membership enrolment. Your flight can be added as soon as you receive your boarding pass and up to 10 days after departure.

Duplicate flights submissions will not be considered.  

Your flight can be of any airline, carrier, origin or destination.
How do I add a transfer flight?
You can add your flight and upload your boarding pass using the iChangi app or your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Find out how in greater detail here.
How many boarding passes do I have to submit for a flight to qualify?
If you have one boarding pass for your transfer itinerary, you only have to upload a photo of the barcode on that one boarding pass. If your transfer itinerary has more than one boarding pass, upload a photo of the barcode on both your arrival and departure boarding passes, one at a time.
How many days prior to my flight must I sign up for a Changi Rewards Travel membership account to add my flight to qualify?
You can add your transfer flight and upload your boarding passes instantly after you sign up for your Changi Rewards Travel membership and download the iChangi app.
Why do I need to upload the boarding passes for my flight when this information is already collected at the airport?
Your information is collected at the airport by third parties such as airlines and security companies. Due to privacy reasons, Changi Airport Group does not retrieve your information from these parties. For us to qualify your flight, we would require you to submit your boarding passes to us directly.
When should I upload the boarding passes for my flight to be qualified?
You can upload your boarding passes as soon as you receive your boarding pass and up to 10 days after departure.
Can I still add my flight and upload my boarding passes after 10 days?
No, you may not.
Can I add my family’s flights under my account?
No, you may only add flights taken by yourself.
How long does it take for my qualified flight to be reflected in my account?
Your flight status should be updated within 48 hours after uploading your boarding passes or your departure flight from Changi Airport, whichever is later. You may check on the status by logging into your account.
What should I do if my account shows an inaccurate number of flights?
If your account shows an inaccurate number of flights, you must inform us within 14 days of receiving your e-statement.
What should I do if I forgot to upload my boarding pass pre-departure, and the portion with the barcode has been torn off?
Please submit a picture of the remaining portion of your boarding pass and your flight booking or ticket here within 14 days after departure.
What should I do if I lost my boarding pass?
Please submit your flight booking or ticket here within 10 days after departure. We may request for other supporting documents.
Can I still add my flight if it has been delayed or cancelled?
If a new boarding pass has been issued for you to board a different flight into and from Changi Airport, please add your new flight and upload your new boarding passes instead.
If you did not receive a new boarding pass, you can still upload the original boarding pass.
How do I redeem my privileges?
Your privileges can be accessed via the iChangi app and there are 2 methods to redeem them. The first method is Staff Assisted, where facility staff members will provide a PIN at their outlet. The second method is Self-Service, where a promotion code will be issued to you. Find out more about these methods here.
Can others use my privileges?
No, each membership is unique to the member. Privileges are strictly not transferable, except where explicitly stated.
Do my privileges expire?
Yes, they are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, or valid during your membership year in accordance to the membership tier, unless otherwise stated. Please refer to the expiry date stated on your privileges in your account.
Are privileges refundable?
No, all redemptions of privileges are final. There will be no refund for privileges once a transaction is completed.
Can I purchase more privileges?
You may do so by subscribing or renewing your subscription to the Premium or Elite tier. 
Can I choose to forgo my privileges and exchange them for cash?
All privileges cannot be exchanged for cash or any equivalent.
How will I be notified about membership updates and member promotions and offers?
Changi Rewards Travel may communicate information about your membership and member promotional offers and events to you via your registered email address and mobile number.
How do I unsubscribe from emails on news, offers and promotions from Changi Airport?
If you do not wish to receive emails from us, you may unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of each email. Should you unsubscribe from Changi Rewards Travel emails, you will be responsible for checking for any programme updates by logging into your account on a regular basis.

You may also log into your account here or on the iChangi app, then opt-out to receive “Email updates on deals and your privileges" and / or "SMS with latest offers".
If I have any questions about Changi Rewards Travel, who can I contact?
Contact us here.